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Deaths in Ireland

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Deaths in Ireland

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Deaths in Ireland

The following transcriptions are taken from the New York City newspaper, The Irish-American. Spellings are as they appear in the newspaper.

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March 14th edition
In Dublin, Mary, only child of the late Colonel Roger S. KEATINGE.

January 31 in Dublin, James BARRY, Esq., Clerk of the Crown, for the county Kildare.

February 3 at her residence, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, Eliza Marcella DOWELL, daughter of the late Simon John DOWELL, of Gort, county Roscommon.

At 135 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, in the 60th year of her age, Mrs. FARRELL.

February 9 at his residence, Stephen's Green, Dublin, Nicholaus HEARN, Esq.

February 11 at his residence, 21 Rutland Square, Dublin, George O'KELLY, Esq., of Barre?stown, county Kildare.

At Charlemont Avenue, Dublin, Charles R MAUNSELL, Esq., son of Major MAUNSELL, late District Paymaster of Newry.

February 6 at Mountpleasant Square, Rathmines, Frances, daughter of of the late Christopher READ, Esq., of Bellview, Hillsborough, county Down.

February 8 at Dundrum, Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late Thomas McCASKEY, Esq., of Roebuck.

February 9 at Bayview Avenue, Dublin, Charlotte, beloved wife of James LYNCH, Esq., and daughter of the late Louis ROCHFORT, of Ballycumber House.

February 4 in county Down, Anne, wife of the Rev. Wm. CROZIER.

February 5 at Leemount Street, Cork, Goodwin YOUNG, Esq.

February 5 at Shaen, near Maryborough, aged 18 years, June, only daughter of the late Thomas KEMMIS, Esq.

February 5 in Cork, Mary, relict of Julius C. BESNARD, Esq., of that city.

February 6, Jane, wife of Thomas FITZSIMON, of Onlart, Esq., sub-inspector of Constabulary.

February 7 at Grove, Fethard, county Tipperary, William BARTON, Esq.

February 7 at Toomavara, Melian Charlotte, daughter of J. SEALY, Esq., late of Richmond, county Cork.

February 11 in Limerick, Mrs. FOSTER, wife of the Archdeacon of Aghadoe.

February 8 at Bridgesfort, county Meath, Anne, wife of B. KELLET, Esq.

January 19 at Kilbeggan, after a few days illness, Peter REYNOLDS, M.R.C.S.I.

At Balindra?, aged 90 years, Mr. Henry McHUGH, brother to the late Very Rev. A. McHUGH, Vicar-General of the dicoese of Derry.

February 2 at Ramsay, Isle of Man, Catherine, second daughter of J. SHILLINGTON, Esq., of Portadown, county Armagh.

On the 18th Oct. at his residence, Surrey Hills, Sydney, Michael STAPLETON, of Dunmore, county Kilkenny, Ireland. He has left a wife and child to deplore his loss.

March 21st edition
At Moorpark, the wife of Thomas HACKETT, Esq., J.P.

At Kingston, George Henry OVEREND, Esq., of the Royal Bank.

In Dublin, William WHITE, Esq., of Shrubbs, youngest son of the late Luke WHITE, M.P Woodlands.

In Dublin, Charlotte, widow of the late Robert BORROWES, of Cilltown and Martinstown, county Kildare.

Maria, second daughter of the late Rev. William BETTY of Dublin.

Joseph BOOTH, Esq., of Darver Castle, county Louth.

At Dorrington, county Westmeath, Frederic William, youngest son of the late Sir George GRAY, Esq.

In Londonderry, Jane, wife of Arthur McCORKELL, Esq., solicitor.

At Boardstown, Maryanne, daughter of the late Jas. FLEMING, Esq.

After the attack on Bashire, from diarrhea, Mr Wm. Samuel HIGGINBOTHAM, eldest son of Mr. John HIGGINBOTHAM of Dublin.

In Melbourne, Henry GEOGHEGAN, Esq., solicitor, late of Dublin.

At sea, on his passage home, Lieut. James Julian SMITH, 8th Madras Native Infantry, eldest surviving son of the Rev. James SMITH, Strabane.

At Rhea, in county Tipperary, Mrs. Michael KENNEDY, relict of the late Michael KENNEDY, Esq.

At Drogheda, Jane, wife of George F. ARGLES, Esq.

At High-park, Parsonstown, of scaristina, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of William WOODS, Esq., aged 11 years.

In Bank-place, Limerick, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Patrick HERBERT.

In Coloony Street, Limerick, Mrs. LLOYD.

At Ringmeen, Queenstown, Cork, Elizabeth Anne, Countess of Huntingdon.

At his residence, Evergreen, Cork, Michael O'CALLAGHAN, Esq., aged 82 years, father of Eugene O'CALLAGHAN, Esq., Limerick.

March 28th edition
November 14 at Melbourne, Australia, Henry GEOGHEGAN, Esq., solicitor, late of Dublin.

February 15, Maria, second daughter of the late Rev. William BETTY, of Rutland Square, Dublin.

February 17 at Leinster Road, Dublin, Lieutenant Joseph P MILLER, of the 13th Light Infantry, son of the late Captain MILLER, of the 25th Regt., formerly of Ennis, county Clare.

February 18 at Mohill, county Leitrim, Elizabeth Margaret, relict of Col. N. KANE, of Dublin.

February 19 in Dublin, Joseph BOOTH, Esq., of Darver Castle, county Louth, aged 74 years.

February 24, Mr. Thomas KELLY, aged 76 years, for the last seven years an inmate of Simpson's Hospital, Dublin.

February 20, at No. 4 Clifton Terrace, Monkstown, Harriet, beloved wife of John LITTLEDALE, Esq.

February 23, at at William's Park, Rathmines, E. GALAVAN, Esq.

February 14 at Corballis, county Meath, at an advanced age, Rose, relict of John HUGHES.

February 18, at Ringmeen, Queenstown, the Countess of Huntington.

February 19, in Londonderry, Jane, wife of Arthur McCORKELL, Esq., solicitor.

February 11 at Harristown, Queen's County, Grace, the beloved wife of Patrick McKEY, Esq., aged 29 years.

February 18 in Sligo, Jane, relict of Richard French CLIFFORD, Esq.,M.D.

February 18 at Whitehall, county Antrim, J. WHITE, Esq.

February 18 at Newton, near Thurles, county Tipperary, Mr. Wm BURKE, aged 89 years.

February 20 in Limerick, Grace, relict of John Hall LLOYD, Esq., of Mount Catherine, county Tipperary.

February 21 in his 48th year, William GARNET, Esq., J.P., Doniver House, Moynalty.

January 29 at Boardstown, Maryanne, daughter of the late James FLEMING, Esq.

At Mitchelstown, aged 87 years, Jane, relict of Thos. M. EVANS, Esq., M.D., of Cashel.

February 23 at the Doon, in King's County, suddenly, Francis Enright MOONEY, Esq.

February 24 in Wexford, John TATLOCK, Esq., aged 80 years.

February 24 in Belfast, aged 90 years, the Rev. Thos. Dix HINCKS.

February 15 at Pau, Basses Pyrenees, Charlotte Sarah, wife of Robert BATT, Esq., of Purdsytown, county Down.

February 19 at Pleaberstown, county Kilkenny, Mr. Patrick MURPHY, at the venerable age of 82, father of the Rev. Timothy MURPHY, O.S.A., Drogheda.

April 4th edition
February 23 in Hume Street, Dublin, the widow of T.S. BERRY, Esq.

February 25 in Winetavern Street, Dublin, aged 74 years, Mr. E O'REILLY, formerly of Oldcastle, county Meath.

February 25 at his residence, Portland Place, Dublin, after a protracted illness, William A. WALSH, Esq.

February 26 at Stephen's Green, Dublin, Grace, wife of William WOODRUFFE, Esq., solicitor.

February 27 in Dublin, Sarah Juliana, eldest daughter of the Rev. John AUCHINLECK, of Dunboyne, county Meath.

February 28, aged 29 years, after a long illness, William, the beloved son of Mr. W. HUTCHINSON.

February 28, suddenly, William MILLER, Esq., solicitor, of Gardiner's Place, Dublin, son of the late Rev. Dr. MILLER, of Armagh.

February 28 at 19 Richmond Street, Portobello, Agnes, the beloved wife of Mr. George KING, aged 29 years.

March 1, in Dublin, Elizabeth, widow of J. GIBBON, Esq., and sister of James GERRARD, Esq., formerly of Skeigh, county Kildare.

March 3 at his residence, 109 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin, Mr. James BRENNAN.

March 4, in the 58th year of her age, Jane, the beloved wife of John JEMISON, Esq., 7 Drumcondra Terrace, East Dublin.

March 2 in the 34th year of his age, at the residence of his brother Lahurnum Lodge, North Sirand, Dublin, Frederick, youngest son of of the late Edward DAVIS, Esq.

February 26 at Northcote Avenue, Kingstown, R. Xavier MURPHY, Esq., late chief translator and interpreter of the Supreme Court of Judicature, Bombay.

February 24 at Vergemount, Edward RIELY, Esq., youngest son of the late E. RIELY, Esq., of Whitehall, county Wicklow.

March 2 at Blackrock, county Dublin, Anna Eleanor Lindsay, daughter of the Rev. Norman JOHNSTON.

February 28 at Lower Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rathmines, aged 23 years, Miss Jane CAMPBELL DOYLE, of a lingering illness.

March 4 at Vesey Place, Monkstown, Samuel PARKER, Esq., aged 70 years.

February 21 at Carrickbreda, county Armagh, aged 70 years, Arthur JOHNSTON, Esq., M.D.

February 24 at Cargycory, near Lisburn, aged 84 years, J. GRAHAM, Esq.

February 24, Alieia, wife of R. SARGINT, Esq., M.D., and eldest daughter of the Rev. J.B. WALLACE, of Ardmore, county Waterford.

February 24 at Tarbert Island, county Kerry, Louisa, only daughter of Richard LESLIE, Esq.

February 25 at Mallow, John GALWAY, Esq. M.D.

February 25 at Johnstown, Mary Jane, relict of Garrett NAGLE, Esq., of Waterford.

February 25 in Cork, Mary Anne, daughter of the late S. WINTHROP, formerly Captain in the 65th regiment.

At Glencor, the residence of his father, the Rev. Edward KEON, Catholic Curator of Clones.

February 26 in Sligo, aged 80 years, Dorothea, daughter of the late John ORMSOY, Esq., of Cummin.

February 28, Wm. K.M. MCCLINTOCK, of Hampstead Hall, Londonderry.

March 1 at Toomner Glebe, Roscommon, Anne Jane, wife of the Rev. Brent NEVILLE.

February 28 at the residence of Rev. William BARRON, P.P. Hospital, Miss Louisa M.A. QUINN, second daughter of the late P. QUINN, Esq., Thurles.

April 11th edition
At St Vincent's College, Castleknock, the Rev. Roger KICKHAM, C.M., in the 50th year of his age.

February 20 at No. 41 Stephen's Green, Dublin, Marucus BENSON, Esq., in the 76th year of his age.

March 8 in Mountjoy Square, Dublin, Thomas SPOONER, Esq., of Clyduff, in King's County.

March 10 in Dublin, the Rev. George MACARTNEY BLACK, formerly of Stranmilis, Belfast.

March 12, Eliza, wife of Mr. Christopher McAULEY, of Dublin.

March 12 in Perry Place, Dublin, Hannah, wife of N. GORE, Esq.

March 14 in Talbot Street, Dublin, Willilam HORAN, Esq., clerk of the crown for county Louth.

March 16 at 140 Francis Street, Dublin, after two days' illness, Mrs. MOONEY.

In North Summer Street, Dublin, Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Christopher HICKSON, Esq.

December 7 at Castlemaine, Victoria, at the house of his brother, the Rev. John CHEYNE, Talbot, youngest son of the late Dr. John CHEYNE of Dublin.

March 14 at Leinster Road, Dublin, John DILLON, Esq.

November 14 at St Kilda, near Melbourne, of consumption, Henry GEOGHEGAN, Esq., solicitor, youngest son of T. GEOGHEGAN, Esq., of Upper Sackville Street, Dublin, aged 33 years.

At her residence at Island Bridge, Mrs. Jane MELLA, aged 84 years.

March 17 at Cassino, Malahide, Thomas BYRE, Esq., aged 65 years.

March 16 at Baldoyle, Mr. John FITZSIMMONS, aged 66 years.

March 17 at Lambeth, Leinster Road, Dublin, Philip Joseph, the infant son of John ROONEY, Esq.

March 9 at Bridgefield, county Cork, Eliza, second daughter of the late William RUMLEY, Esq, of Ballinacurra Lodge.

March 9 at Coomabballee, near Killorglin, county Kerry, aged 84, Elinora, relict of Mr. Daniel O'SULLIVAN, parish priest of Dingle.

March 9 in Carrickfergus, Emma, wife of A. JOHNS, Esq.

March 13 at Queenstown, Margaret, wife of M. GRAHAM, Esq.

March 12 at Portadown, Margaretta, daughter of the late C. ARMSTRONG, Esq.

March 12 at Cottage, near Taggart, in county Wexford, Frances, relict of John HUGHES, Esq.

March 13 at Rosferry, county Fermanagh, Jane Margaret, wife of G.G. TIPPING, Esq., and niece of the Earl of Erne.

March 14 at Ballykee?, Holywood, county Down, Anne, relict of William PATON, Esq.

March 14 at Clydagh, county Galway, Victoire, second daughter of Staunton LYNCH, Esq.

April 18th edition
March 19 at his residence, James's Street, Dublin, Luke HEALY, Esq.

March 19 at his father's residence, Henry O'CONNOR, eldest son of Mr. B. O'CONNOR, vintner, Ballybough-bridge, in the 23rd year of his age.

March 20 in Lower Sherrard Street, Dublin, Barbara Jane, youngest daughter of the late Henry JONES, Esq., of Blessington, county Wicklow.

March 20 in Dublin, Jane, wife of Thomas BENNETT, Esq., of the Rock House, in Londonderry.

March 22 in Harrington Street, Dublin, Anne, relict of the Rev. Edward PALMER.

March 25 at 106 Lower ??dliner Street, Dublin, Anne, relict of Robert BARKLIE, Esq.

March 25 at his residence 68 Recles Street, Dublin, in the 77th year of his age, John Thomas KIFT, Esq.

March 26 in Sackville Street, Dublin, of inflammation of the lungs, John Mitchell KEMBLE, Esq., the distinguished scholar and archaeologist.

March 14 at Seafort Avenue, Sandymount, Mr. Denis DOWLING, aged 82 years, one of the forty-shilling freeholders of the city of Dublin.

March 19 at his residence, Sandymount, Dublin, Mr. Martin DOYLE, aged 72.

March 21 at Harold's Cross, Dublin, aged 72 years, Miss Maria TAYLOR, last surviving daughter of the late Rev. Wm. TAYLOR.

March 23 at Longford Place, Monkstown, Charlotte, daughter of John FOTTRELL, Esq., aged four months.

March 31 at Balrothery Vicarage, county Dublin, William S. BAKER, Esq.

March 14 at Dingle, county Kerry, Julia, second daughter of the late Edward FITZGERALD, Esq.

March 16 in Belfast, Margaret, relict of William GIBSON, Esq., and mother of the Rev. James D. GIBSON, of Yorkville, South Carolina.

March 17 at Gower Hall, county Clare, Christopher MARRETT, Esq., eldest surviving son of F.N. KEANE, Esq., of Hermitage.

March 17 at Mullingar, Mary, relict of Philip TYRRELL, Esq., aged 74 years.

March 17 at Corbally, near Ballinsloe, Mrs. Mary WHYTE, mother of the Rev. F. WHYTE, C.C., Portumna.

March 18 at Ballyherly, Portaferry, Margaret GAMBLE, eldest daughter of Wm. MAXWELL, Esq.

March 19 at Ralphtown, county Wexford, aged 79 years, Mrs. Mary CULLEN, sister to the late Rev. Walter ROWE, parish priest of Tagoa?.

March 18 at Kilcullen, at the residence of her grandmother, Mrs. Catherine LEE, Eliza Kate CLIFFORD, in her 15th year.

March 18 at Whitepark, county Fermanagh, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. James ARMSTRONG, formerly vicor of Boyle.

March 19 at Lisadyra, county Galway, the residence of her father, in her 22nd year, Minie, the beloved wife of Edward NEWMANN, Esq., of Beechview, Philipsburgh Avenue, county Dublin.

March 20 in Limerick, Mrs. SCOTT, relict of John SCOTT, Esq., of Cahercon House, county Clare, and mother-in-law to the late Maurice O'CONNELL, Esq., M.P.

March 21 in Dundalk, Mathew DARCY, Esq.

March 22, the Rev. John W. WILSON, Minister of the Cross roads congregation, Derry.

March 22 at Passage West, Cork, Mary, wife of M. LEYNE, Esq., Surveyor of Customs.

April 25th edition
At Cashel, aged 80 years, Richard WOOD, Esq., M.D.

At Fomeria, county Clare, aged 74 years, Catherine, relict of George PERRY, Esq.

At his residence, Klinemana, Green Hills, county Dublin, aged 52 years, Mr. Robert WEST.

March 14 at Boulogne, aged 75 years, Major-General KETTLEWELL, of the Royal Artillery. He was a native of Waterford, and rose from the ranks.

March 20 in Liverpool, Edward RYAN, Esq., late of Kilrea, county Kilkenny.

February 14 at Berne, Switzerland, aged 78 years, Captain John O'CONNOR, formerly of the Enniskillen Dragoons.

March 27 in Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Arthur MAXWELL, Esq.

March 28 at 64 Mary Street, Dublin, Mr. Patrick MARTIN, aged 37 years.

March 29 in Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, aged 83 years, Mrs. WINDER, relict of Edward WINDER, Esq.

March 30 at Granby-Row, after a very short illness, Robert BALL, Esq., L.L.D.

March 31 at his residence, 24 South Great George's Street, Dublin, in the 76th year of his age, John MARTIN, Esq.

March 20 at Cullellen, Glenageary, county Dublin, Catherine, daughter of the late George A. CUNNINGHAME, Esq.

March 21 at Clontarf, aged 78 years, William HUDSON, Esq., late of Mount Caulfied, county Armagh.

March 25 at Kingstown, Edward FERRAR, Esq.

At Lisinisky, near Knockaderry, county Limerick, John LANGFORD, Esq.

March 18 at Ballylahon, near Gorey, county Wexford, the wife of Michael KINSELLA, Esq.

March 19 at Bedaw, Glenavy, county Antrim, aged 107 years, Mr. John GRAY.

March 20 at Kinsale, county Cork, Barbara, relict of John Thomas CRAMER, Esq., of Rathmore.

March 23 in Downpatrick, Nicholas COATES, Esq.

March 24, aged 92 years, Catherine, reict of G. SCALLAN, Esq., of Ballygarvy, county Wexford.

March 25 at Stradbally, Jane, relict of Rev. J. CASSAN, rector of Timogue, Fossy and Churchtown, in Queen's County.

March 26 in Kilkenny, the Rev. Patrick RYAN, Catholic curate of Piltown.

March 27 at Monkstown, Cork, aged 74 years, Alicia, relict of Richard EXHAM, Esq.

March 27 at her residence, Killick Lodge, county Kildare, Miss Bridget COFFY, aged 80 years.

March 28 at Sunday's Well, Cork, the wife of J.W. DAUNT, Esq.

March 28, Edward BLAKENEY, Esq., solicitor, third son of the late Rev. Thomas BLAKENEY, of Holywell, county Roscommon.

March 28 in Cork, Mary, relict of Lieutenant-Colonel WILSON, and niece of General BLUNT, of Southampton.

March 28 in Kilkenny, anne, relict of Captain J. ENERY, of the 6th Royal regiment.

March 2 at Pau, Basses Pyrenees, Anne, only child of the late William BAYLY, Esq., of Anamult, county Kilkenny.

February 7, of consumption, on his passage home from New Orleans, John James SCULLY, Esq., edlest son of the late Thomas Mackey SCULLY, barrister-at-law, formerly of Airfield, Dundrum, county Dublin.

March 29 at Belgrave-Square, Rathmines, Sarah Alicia, second daughter of the late John TELFORD, Esq., of Ballyboughlin, in King's County.

May 2nd edition
Marcella Elizabeth, youngest daughter of John SINGLETON, Esq., of Quinville Abbey, county Clare.

At Kanturk, of scarlatina, Mary, daughter of C.R. O'CALLAGHAN, Esq., aged two years.

At Kinsale, Barabara, relict of the late John Thomas CRAMER, Esq., of Rathmore.

At Bridgeview Terrace, Elizabeth, wife of P. COLLINS, Esq., late Tide Surveyor of Customs, Liverpool.

At Glassen, county Westmeath, Wills George CROFTS, Esq., second son of the late Rev. Freeman Wills CROFTS, of Cloheen, county Cork.

Barbara Mary Anne, widow of John Thomas CRAMER, Esq. of Rathmore, county Cork, and daughter of the late Rev. THOMAS, of Everton, Queen's County.

Mary, relict of the late Henry HILL, Esq., of Dublin.

In Middle Gardiner Street, Dublin, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the late Arthur MAXWELL, Esq.

Lieut. Thomas Dunbar QUINLAN, 5th Royal Lancashire Militia.

At Rathmines Road, Dublin, Edward, fourth son of the late Henry BENNETT, Esq., of Ranelagh.

At Bishoptown, Mr. Michael DEASY.

In Dublin, Anne, relict of the late Robert BERKLIE.

At Dunville Avenue, Ranelagh, Mrs. Ellen WHEATLEY, late of Baltinglass, county Wicklow.

At Ballyshannon, Mr. David CARTER, proprietor of the Ballyshannon Herald, aged 61.

At Magheragal Glebe, Miss Mary McKAY.

In Belfast, Anna, daughter of Mr. John McBLAIN.

William STEVENSON, Esq., of Strabane, proprietor of the Iron Foundry at that place.

William, youngest son of Mr. William HUNTER, Belfast.

At Craig, Derry, Thomas HANCOCK, Esq., aged 78.

At Whitepark, county Fermanagh, Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Rev. James ARMSTRONG, formerly vicar of Boyle.

March 25 at Kingstown, and at an advanced age, Edward FERRAR, Esq., son of the late John FERRAR, Esq., of LImerick.

In Taylor Street, Limerick, Mr. Daniel KENNEDY.

May 9th edition
At Ballygarvey, near Tagoat, county Wexford, Margaret, relict of the late Gregory SCALLAN, Esq.

At Ballyregan, county Wexford, Anne, wife of Mr. Thomas DEVEREUX.

At Granby-Row, Dublin, Robert BALL, Esq., LI.D. Dr. BALL for many years filled the office of the Curator to the Museum of TCD, and was Secretary to the Queen's University in Ireland.

In Dublin, Hugh, the infant son of William Nevin WALLACE, Esq., of Downpatrick.

In Synge Street, Dublin, Mrs. FETHERSTON, the wife of Mr. William FETHERSTON.

At the Glebe, Clane, aged four years, William Arthur, son of the Rev. W. CAULFIELD, rector of Clane.

Thomas Knox KELLY, Esq., M.D.

In Dublin, Jonathan HILL, Esq., aged 70.

William Henry, third son of the Rev. Loftus T. SHIRE.

Anne, wife of William CORBET, Esq., M.D., Dundrum, and daughter of the late John COSTIGAN, Esq., of Rathmines.

At Killick Lodge, county Kildare, Miss Bridget COFFY, aged 80 years.

In Dublin, Mr. Henry BAYLEE, printer.

At Glagorm, Mr. George RAPHAEL, aged 88.

In Monaghan, Mr. Mathew VALLELY.

April 3, at her residence, Pump Street, Londonderry, Mrs. WALLEN, proprietress of the Londenderry Sentinel.

At Manor Street, Dublin, Mr. Edward BROWNE, late Superintendent of Smithfield Market.

Mrs. Elizabeth HUNTER, wife of Mr. James HUNTER of Dublin.

In Dublin, Mr. Nicholas MURPHY, late of Liverpool.

Miss Maria FORTESCUE, of Malahide.

At Spring-Hill, Dalkey, aged 81, Samuel ROBINSON, Esq., late of Clara, King's County.

At Lifford, county Donegal, suddenly, R. CHAMBERS, Esq., solicitor.

Maria, daughter of the Rev. Wm. BRUCE, DD, of Belfast, and wife of Edward HUTTON, M.D., of Dublin.

In Dundalk, Patrick CONNOLLY, Esq., M.D.

In Dublin, Mr. John DENIVER, of the firm of Arnod, Cannock & Co., Limerick.

In Dublin, Mr. Adam MIGHT.

At Crossdrum, county Meath, Catherine, fourth daughter of Edward ROTHERAM, Esq.

In Dublin, Margaret J. WEBBER SMITH, wife of Col. WEBBER SMITH, AAG, Dublin.

On his passage to Australia, Thomas, fifth son of Mr. John FARIS, of Kingstown, solicitor.

At his residence, Robert Street, Limerick, on Good Friday, James HICKIE, Esq., of the firm of HICKIE and Son, Iron Merchants.

In Lower Hartstonge Street, Limerick, Mrs. MASON, relict of the late Mr. Jonathan MASON, optician.

At Sexton Street, Limerick, Mrs. Ellen FITZGIBBON, aged 53.

At Convent Street, Limerick, on the 21st ult., Mr. Patrick MELLICAN, compositor.

At Killadysert, James M. LEAN, son of Mr. Michael KENNEDY, Master of the Union Workhouse.

At Fort Anne, Tulla, on the 14th ult., of rapid consumption, Maria, the relict of the late John WESTROPP, Esq.

In Dublin, John McCARTHY, Esq., aged 70 years.

In Dublin, Ellen, child of Mr. Edward TOOMEY.

At Birr Castle, the Hon. John PARSENS, aged 11 years.

At Tivoli Gardens, Glanmire Road, Jane KENIFECK, daughter of the late Patrick KENIFECK, Esq., of Cork, aged 35, and niece of Mrs. Pierce MAHONY, Esq.

Mr. John LINEHAN, of Cork.

John CHEEVERS, Esq., DI., county Galway.

At Castlebar, Frances, relict of John ACTON, Esq., MD. aged 78 years.

In Mullingar, Mr. John TUITE.

At Blackrock, Cork, Anne, wife of John LINDSAY, Esq., barrister-at-law.

At Haverford West, Anthony DENNY, Esq., aged 33, son of the late Edward DENNY, Esq., of Derryvolland, county Fermanagh.

Mrs. M. O'GRADY, mother of T. O'GRADY, of Tralee.

In Glasgow, Mr. Robert GOODWIN, china merchant, late of Limerick.

In Ennis, Mr. James MULLEN, sewed muslin agent.

At New Pallas, Eliza, wife of Mr. Richard BURKE.

At Rahasane Park, Mary Octavia, daughter of Thos. A. JOYCE, Esq., aged 14 months.

In Dublin, infant son of Mr. John GILLESPIE.

At Triermore, county Meath, Maria, wife of Thomas ROTHERHAM, Esq.

May 16th edition
April 22 at St David's, North Circular Road, Dublin, Mrs. Margaret THOMPSON.

April 20 at 27 Osbra Parade, Dublin, Sarah, wife of Edward CARNON, aged 59 years.

April 21 at Wellesley Place, Russell Street, Dublin, James S. COGAN, aged 67 years.

April 16 at her residence, 71 Lower Camden Street, Dublin, the wife of Mr. R. MOORE.

April 18 at his residence, Limerick, T. GABBET, Esq., aged 70 years.

April 19 at his lodgings in Henry Street, Limerick, after a few days' illness, Michael SMITHWICK, Esq., of Mount Catherine, county Limerick.

April 18 at Rathkeale, Mary, the beloved daughter of Mr. Timonthy ENRIGHT.

April 16 at his residence, ?9 Upper Baggot Street, Dublin, Thomas MOYLAN, Esq., barrister-at-law.

April 17 in Dawson Street, Dublin, Henry CAPEL, second son of R.H. BROOKE, Esq., of Castle Howard, county Wicklow.

April 15 at Clinton, Elizabeth Caroline, only daughter of J. GODLEY, Esq., of county Dublin.

April 16 at Londonderry, Barbara, wife of Lieutenant H.R. STEWART, of the Royal Navy.

April 9, after a short illness, of inflammation of the lungs, the Rev. Michael MAGILL, Catholic curate of Donagheady.

At the Man-of-War, near Balbriggan, Mrs. SWEETMAN, at the advanced age of 100 years.

April 14 at the residence of his cousin, Mr. WHITE, of Bi?ch?atin, county Kildare, Mr. Wm. MORAN of Dublin, aged 30.

April 16 at Longwood, county Meath, Mr. Thomas TRACEY, aged 68 years.

April 20 at Heathville, Monkstown, Joshua M. CHAYTOR, Esq., aged 67.

April 17 in Russell Street, Dublin, of puerperal fever, Bessie, wife of Ulick J. DALY, Esq.

April 22 at No. 2 North Portland Street, Dublin, in the 23rd year of his age, Eugene, second son of Eugene CURR, M.R.T.A., Professor of Irish Archaeology, Catholic University.

May 23rd edition
April 25 at 3 Victoria Terrace, Upper Rathgar Road, Dublin, Charlotte Alicia, the beloved wife of Charles T. WALMESLEY, Esq., in the 26th year of her age.

April 26 at 13 Hardwicke Street, Dublin, Sarah, second daughter of teh late Francis Lord MORGAN, Esq.

April 27 at his residence, Greenfield, county Dublin, James McCULLAGH, Esq., of Dublin.

April 26 at Fort Crystal Cottage, Church Road, Dublin, aged 35, Eliza O'LONERGAN, wife of Mr. M. O'LONERGAN, late of the 10th Foot.

April 28 at his residence, North Circular-road Tavern, Dublin, after a protracted illness, Laurence WALSH, formerly proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, Cape? Street, aged 52 years.

April 27 at Gorey, county Wexford, William H. TOWNSEND, Esq., aged 84 years.

April 23 at Rockfort, near Belfast, Elizabeth, widow of the Rev. Edward MAY, aged 73 years.

April 24 at Ballyclough, near Coleraine, the Rev. James BRYCE, in his 91st year.

April 27 at Croydon, Surry, from rheumatic fever, Ann Mary Josephine, the beloved wife of Richard P. MERVINE, Esq., and daughter of William ST. LAURENCE, Esq., of Patrick Street, Limerick.

April 22 at the Causeway, Ennis, the infant son of Mr. J.T. BURGESS.

At Burton-Hill, county Clare, Catherine Louisa, daughter of Edward HODGES GOGGIN, ESq.

April 23 at her residence, 16 Bushfield Avenue, Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, Letitia, relict of Sir Charles PESHALL and eldest daughter of the late Colonel Richard MARTIN, of Ballinahinch Castle, county Galway.

April 21 at Richmond Street, Dublin, William, fourth and youngest son of Mr. John STEPHENS.

April 19 at Cookstown, Mrs. Elizabeth CUSTER, widow of Bernard CUSTER, Esq., R.N., aged 72 years. April 22 in King Street, Waterford, after a lingering illness, Cornelius Edward, aged two years, the beloved child of Cornelius REDMOND, Esq., of the Waterford News.

April 25 at 42 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, in his twentieth year, Mark Anthony, fourth son of Mr. Patrick ANDREWS, coach builder.

April 19 at Clara, Kilkenny, in the seventeeth year of his age, Mr. Patrick HART. April 22 at Enniscorthy, Mr. Richard A. WILLIAMS.

April 22 at the Windmills Hill, Wexford, Edward Fawcett, fourth son of George WINDROSS, Esq., of the Inland Revenue Department.

April 27 at his residence, Somerville, Rathfarnham, in the 81st year of his age, John READ, Esq., woolen manufacturer.

April 20 in the 74th year of her age, Anne, relict of John CURRAN, of Drumilan, and mother of the Very Rev. Peter CURRAN, P.P., Ballinamore.

At his residence, Rocklands, county Kilkenny, Colonel SNOW.

April 24, the Rev. Charles MOORE, Incumbent of Monasterevan.

April 27 at Salthill, county Dublin, Adelaide Isabella, youngest child of Murdock GREEN, Esq., aged six years.

April 26 in Dublin, Mabella, the infant daughter of W.P. KIRWAN, Esq.

April 28, after a long and painful illness, aged 63, John FITZPATRICK, Esq., of Usher Street, Dublin.

April 29, after a short illness, at the advanced age of 75 years, John FLANAGAN, Esq., Blackditch, formerly of Templeogue, county Dublin.

April 27 at Packolet, county Down, aged 61 years, Charlotte, relict of G.W. BELL, Esq., surgeon, and fourth daughter of the late Alexander CHESNEY, Esq.

February 9 at Lisbon, in the 23rd year of her age, Grace Caroline, wife of Ladislau Sebastino DA SILVA FRANCO, granddaughter of the late Edward COTTER, Esq., of Brandon.

May 30th edition
May 3 at 47 Mountjoy Street, Dublin, aged three years, Catherine Mary, the beloved child of John Edmond BARRY.

May 4 at her late residence, No. 7 George's Quay, Dublin, Jane, relict of Isaac DICKINSON, Esq., aged 56.

May 2 at 125 Baggot Street, Dublin, John B. BARTOU, Esq., in his 89th year.

May 4, Robert McENTIRE, 5 Kildare Street, Dublin, late of Sandymount.

April 21, Esther, the wife of William BROWNE, coach maker, and daughter of the late Robert BROWNE, Esq., of Bray.

April 29 in Limerick, aged 87, Miss Martha CAREY.

April 26 at Croom House, county Limerick, after a few days' illness, Frances Hortense, daughter of the late James D. LYONS, Esq., D.L.

April 26 at his residence, 3 Northumberland Road, Dublin, John GIBSON, Esq.

April 28, aged 69 years, after a long and painful illness, John FITZPATRICK, Esq., of Usher Street, Dublin.

At Four (illegible) Water, county Waterford, aged 88 years, Redmond POWER, Esq.

May 3, suddenly at his residence, Upper Rathmines, Mr. Charles DALY, of Usher's Quay, Dublin.

May 2 at 54 Henry Street, Dublin, Sarah Helen, youngest daughter of Mr. Michael BURKE.

At his residence, 68 Eccles Street, Dublin, William R. WARD, Esq., in his 80th year.

April 30 at Charlemount Street, Dublin, Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Benjamin SCOTT.

May 1 in Clonmel, Town Councillor Francis GRUBB, an old and respected member of the Society of Friends.

In Cashel, Francis RYAN, Esq., eldest son of Andrew O'RYAN, Esq., of Bansua Castle. Near Tralee, Mrs. F.B. BOWLES, widow of Captain Henry BOWLES, of Sackville.

April 29 in Kilkenny, of disease of the heart, Miss O'HANLON, sister of the Very Rev. Dr. O'HANLON, Professor, Maynooth College.

At Lindville, Carrick-on-Suir, Patrick HAYDEN, Esq., brother of the Rev. William HAYDEN, P.P., Windgap, county Kilkenny.

May 5 at Parkgate Street, Dublin, of paralysis, Lieut.-Colonel James BOWES, late of the 87th Regiment, aged 66.

May 4 at the Royal School, Enniskillen, Meade Denis, Esq., youngest son of Loftus A. BRYAN, Esq., of Pembroke Road, Dublin.

May 3 in the 71st year of his age, after a short illness, John ANDERSON, Esq.

May 2 in London, the Hon. Eleanor M. DALY, eldest daughter of the late Lord DUNSANDIE.

May 2 at Landesboro, John COSTELLO, Esq., agent to Colonel WHITE, M.P., and to the Inland Shannon Navigation Company.

May 1, Margaret, infant daughter of Dr. SAVAGE, of Armagh.

May 2 in Belfast, Agnes, eldest daughter of the late John RITCHIE, Esq., of that town.

May 1 at Bettystown, county Meath, Gerald SIMCOCKS, Esq., aged 32.

April 29 at Cottage, county Westmeath, the residence of his mother, of brain fever, in the prime of his life, H.W. SHIEL, Esq., second son of the late Hugh SHIEL, of Gortumloe.

April 30 at High Park, county Wicklow, of congestion of the lungs, Elizabeth, youngest daughter of Wm. JONES WESTBY, Esq., aged eleven years.

April 25 at Brighton, after a few days' illness, Annie, the beloved child of Samuel SHELLEY, of Island Bridge, Dublin.

May 2 in Dublin, Glascott, third son of Charles B. GIFFORD, Esq., aged 19 years.

April 24, after a few hours illness, the Rev. James BRYCE, of Killeauge, near Coleraine, in the 90th year of his age, and 54th of his ministry in that congregation.

April 27 at Prospect Place, Gravesend, in the 78th year of her age, Jane, relict of the late John Ratcliffe COLLINS, Esq., Skibbereen, Cork.

May 6 of croup, after a few hours' illness, William, the second son of Daniel GRIFFIN, Esq., M.D., Limerick.

April 25 at his residence, Merrion Square, Dublin, John MARTIN, Esq., aged 30 years.

June 6th edition
May 6 at Marino Crescent, Dublin, of consumption, Miss Anne Jane LEACH, aged 40 years, the niece of N.J. O'NEILL, Esq., crown solicitor for county Antrim.

May 9 at Leeds Hall, Corn Market, Dublin, Mr. Edward BOHY, in the 60th year of his age.

May 7 in Peter Street, Dublin, Mr. Augustus TIGHE, aged 21 years.

May 12 at Wellington Street, Dublin, Mary Teresa, the eldest and beloved child of James REDMOND.

May 11 at 18 Charlemont Place, Dublin, Wm. Arthur, youngest son of Mr. Roger HORNER.

May 10 at Claremont Cottage, Glasnevin, of a protracted illness, Catherine Maria Josephine, the beloved wife of Edward HELY, of Lower Ormond Quay, Dublin, in the 34th year of her age.

May 9 in Lower Mountpleasant Avenue, Dublin, Alice, relict of John BALEY, Esq.

May 12 at Eccles Street, Dublin, Mrs. Frances STEWART, widow of Abraham STEWART, at an advanced age.

May 7, Mr. Frederick W. OLLARD, on his passage to Newfoundland, after three days intense sickness.

April 25 at 19 St. Patrick's Square, Edinburgh, after a short illness, Eliza, relict of John COLLIS, Esq., of Grangemore House, county Kildare.

May 7, of water on the brain, John Lawrence M. MATHEWS, aged three years eleven months, the only beloved child of Thomas MATHEWS, Esq., of Islington Avenue, Kingston.

May 7 at the Royal School, Enniskillen, Meade Denis, son of Loftus A. BRYAN, Esq., 27 Pembroke Road, Dublin.

At Ballincollig, Selina MOORE HODDER, the last surviving daughter of the late Colonel HODDER, of Hoddersfield.

At Bayview, Berehaven Mines, Margaret, wife of Mr. Langer CAREY, of Cork, aged 65 years.

May 6 at Riverview, Blackrock, Richard WOOD, Esq., late of the city of Cork.

At Montenette, Cork, Mr. Thomas GALWAY, in his 30th year.

At Woodview, Union Hall, Cork, James KEANE, Esq., solicitor, aged 42 years.

May 5 at Ballymena, Dr. John DUFFIN, 43d regiment, late of the staff, aged 25 years.

At Cameron Lodge, Patrick Joseph, infant son of Mr. Thomas KELLY.

May 11 at 3 Grosvenor Place, Rathgar, county Dublin, Eliza Jane, the beloved wife of Mr. Thomas CA?ER, and daughter of Mr. Wm. FITZSIMONS, of Enniskillen.

May 10 at his residence in the town of Roscommon, Mr. Michael GREALY, aged 64.

May 9 at Fortarlington, in his 83rd year, Mr. John M. MOORE, for nearly sixty years a respectable trader in that town.

May 9 at the residence of his son, Woodlawn, county Kildare, John WOLSELEY, Esq., M.D., aged 84.

May 12 at her residence, Thomas Street, Cork, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Gibbs R. DYER.

June 13th edition
February 19 at Sydney, New South Wales, Alexander John, eldest son of the late Michael EVELYN, Esq., J.P., of Waterford, aged 30 years.

May 7 in Dublin of disease of the heart, Charles H. JORDAN, Esq., a native of Ballyhaunis, Mayo.

May 2 at Killeshandra, in county Cavan, aged 16 years, after an illness as unexpected as brief, Miss Belinda, the youngest daughter of the late Wm. SHERIDAN, Esq., of Killeshandra.

Aged 71 years, John ANDERSON, Esq., Accountant of the Kilkenny Branch of the National Bank.

At Seskin, Kilkenny, May, wife of John BRENNAN, Esq., of Woodview, and sister of M. SULLIVAN, Esq., M.P.

In Dublin, Dora Margaret, daughter of the late Major R. MARTIN, of the King's Dragoon Guard, and of Clareville, county Galway.

In Nenagh, Mr. William WHELAN.

Near Manorcunningham, Joseph Edward FINUCANE.

In Upper William Street, Limerick, Mrs. HANLY, widow of Mr. James HANLY, Classics Teacher, and daughter of the late Captain DEANE, 18th Hussars.

In Rutland Street, Limerick, aged four years, Joseph, son of Mr. Francis RYAN, carver and gilder.

At Killaloe, Kate, daughter of Mr. Sylvester HURLEY, aged 16 years.

In Kilrush, aged four years, William, son of William FOLEY, Esq., M.D.

In Clonmel, suddenly, Mr. Samuel BRADFORD, the eminent cutler.

At Mallow, Henrietta, daughter of George WESTROPP, Esq., of that town.

In Cork, Miss Maria LONG, daughter of the late John LONG, Esq., of Rathcourey, county Cork.

Mr. Michael RYAN, of Ballinvarig, Minanebridge.

At Rabard, John Thomas ROWLAND, Esq., eldest son of the late Richard ROWLAND, of Hermitage, county Cork.

At Ballysax Rectory, of scarlatina, Maria, wife of Thomas COLLINS SIMON, Esq.

In Edgeworthstown, aged 81, Frances, wife of George COWEN, Esq., of that town.

At Clontumphor, near Drumlish, county Longford, the Rev. John STEPHENSON.

H.P. O'CONNOR MOORE, eldest son of Sir R.E. MOORE, Bart, aged 17.

At Mertoun Hall, county Down, John HARRISON, Esq., DL. JP., aged 73.

William CLARKE, late of Philadelphia, U.S., and second son of John THOMPSON, Esq., Craigmount Cottage.

At Miltown, Donboe, Mr. William GRAHAM, aged 91.

In Belfast, Mr. Charles HARDIN, late of the 77th Regt.

In Aldersgate-street-buildings, London, Mr. William GOUGH, son of the late Hugh GOUGH, Esq., Limerick.

In Liverpool, May 18, Alicia Mary PHELAN, eldest daughter of the late Walter O'CONNOR, of Johnson Street, Clonmel.

June 27th edition
May 31st, at O'Brien's Bridge, after a long and painful illness, Hugh WALSH, Esq., who only survived his son-in-law (James DENNISTON, Esq.) a few days.

May 30 at White Hill in her 60th year, Jane, daughter of the late John LANGFORD, Esq., of Kilcongriff, county Limerick.

At Adare, on the 27th May, aged 1 year and 10 months, Emily, daughter of Mr. Gerald DOHERTY, postmaster.

In Elphin, county Roscommon, Mr. Michael LEARD.

At his residence, Broad Street, Limerick, Mr. Peter LANE, grocer and spirit retailer.

In Mary Street, Limerick, Miss Bridget O'BRIEN, aged 16 years.

At O'Brien's Bridge, the widow LANGFORD.

At Dunmanway, Mary, relict of the late Emanuel HUTCHINSON, Esq.

At Ballybraher, county Cork, Jane, relict of John BOLES, Esq.

Captain NICHOLLS, of the ship Alexander, of Waterford.

In Cork, Emily Sarah, youngest daughter of Mr. R. L. STOOFORD.

At Carramoneen, near Tuam, Miss Mary HURLEY, head teacher for many years under the National Board of Education.

In Galway, John Henry, only son of John McDOUGALL, esq., proprietor of the Galway Express newspaper.

At Rostrevor, the widow BROWNE.

Margarette, wife of William GARRETT, Esq., of Janesville, county Carlow.

At Ballyward, county Wicklow, William FINNEMOR, Esq., aged 70.

May 27 at 9 Upper Dominick Street, Dublin, Richard S.W., third son of R.S.W. HACKETT, Esq., 7th Lancashire Rifles.

May 29 at 24 Charlemont Street, Dublin, Miss Margaret DUNNE.

May 23 at Usher's Island, Dublin, in the 70th year of his age, S. WADE, Esq.

May 31, of heart disease, Mr. Joseph McCORMACK, of Christchurch Place, Dublin, aged 32 years.

At Waterloo Avenue, Island Bridge, Dublin, Mr. Arthur BREW, aged 62 years.

May 28 at her residence, Harold's Cross, Dublin, Catherine, the beloved wife of B.J. LYNER.

June 1 in Upper Leeson Street, Dublin, aged three years, Martha Nevins, the beloved child of Henry SHAW, Esq.

June 4 at his residence, Capel Street, Dublin, in his 31st year, of rheumatic fever, Mr. Jeremiah J. FLEMING.

At his residence, Upton House, the Rev. Somers PAYNE, Rector of Balimadee, aged 72 years.

May 30 at Mill Street, Dublin, Mrs. Margret ANDREA.

July 4th edition
June 9, aged nine days, the infant son of Mr. Henry WEBB, lesee of the Queen's Theatre, Dublin.

June 3 at George's Place, Dublin, aged 15, after a long and painful illness, Julia Matilda, third daughter of Patrick SARSFIELD COLSLOUGH, Esq.

June 2 at Spring Garden Parade, Dublin, Thomas Alexander, youngest son of the late Thomas H. MAXWELL, Esq.

June 5 at Sloperton Lodge, the residence of R.M. MUGGERIDGE, Esq., Belinda, eldest daughter of Wm. L. BADHAM, Esq., of Drumcondra Hill, Dublin.

June 5 at Harcourt Terrace, Dublin, Anne, relict of James COLE SHANNON, Esq.

June 6, of a short illness, at 49 Rathmines Road, Dublin, Mr. Wm. C. EVANS, Jr., in his 36th year.

June 7 at 3 Lower Sherrard Street, Dublin, Robert SUTTER, Esq.

June 8 in York Street, Dublin, aged 45, Robert CONWAY, Esq., solicitor.

June 9 at Ninnot Place, Dublin, at an advanced age, Sydney, relict of John CONNOR, Esq., M.D., of Oakley Park, Portumna.

June 10 at 17 Rathmines Road, Dublin, after a lingering and protracted illness, Sarah, the beloved wife of William SWAINE BARRETT, Esq.

June 7 at his residence, Fort View, Haddington Road, Dublin, Daniel SCULLY, Esq., in his 75th year.

June 8 at his residence, South Great George's Street, Dublin, Mary, the beloved wife of Jonathan BUCKLEY, late of Essex Street.

June 10, the infant son of J. CABRY, Esq., engineer of Midland Great Western Railway.

June 9 at the residence of her sister, at Mall House, Lismore, Maria, relict of Major Stephen ORMSBY.

June 7 at Kilkenny, Ellen, wife of Thomas WALL, Esq., merchant.

June 6 at Clonakilty, county Cork, aged 29 years, John O'HEA, Esq., Manager of the Newport Branch of the West of England and South Wales Bank.

June 8, at an advanced age of 97, Edward RICHARDS, Esq., of Harbour View, Courtown Harbour, county Wexford.

May 28 at Hastings, Henry DILLON TRENT, Esq., of Belgrade, county Dublin. June 3 at the Palace, Cork, Florence, infant daughter of the Protestant Bishop of Cork.

June 7 at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. NORTH, Monkstown, Jane Maria, relict of Richard BLOOD, Esq., Banvale, county Down, aged 86.

June 3 at 29 Charlemont Street, Dublin, Mrs. Elizabeth M. WILLIAMS.

June 3, Letitia Catherine, the infant daughter of C. FERGUSON, Esq., barrister-at- law.

June 4 at Drimna Castle, Crumlin, in the 20th year of her age, Teresa, youngest daughter of the late Edward CAVANAGH, Esq.

June 4, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. Denis MORAN, of the Glen Hotel, Ashford, county Wicklow, after a long and painful illness.

June 3 at his residence in Arklow, aged 29, Mr. Wm. BRADY.

In the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Waterford, Sister Mary Paula (formerly Miss RICE), a lady who was one of the first to go out as a nurse to the soldiers in the East, and who remained in the Crimea during the entire of the war.

June 4 at Battersea, London, Cecilia NAIRN, relict of George NAIRN, A.R.H.A., the well known painter of Dublin.

June 1 at Cortual, County Louth, Patrick, son of Mr. P. CLARKE, in the 20th year of his age. The deceased had been a Student in Maynooth College for three years, and gave promise of great ability.

May 30 at Ballyhalse, after a long and painful illness, Mrs. KENNEDY, wife of Samuel KENNEDY, Esq., Postmaster of that town.

Lost overboard from the ship Polynesia, on the 13th March last, near the Cape of Good Hope, P.F. DUFF, youngest son of the late Thomas DUFF, Esq., of Brooklyn, formerly of Dungarvan, aged 19 years.

May 27 at the advanced age of 100, Maryann, relict of T. WILSON, Esq., Rathsallagh, county Wicklow.

May 22 at Ardenwood Mills, Ballymore Eustace, county Kildare, Henry S. HOMAN, Esq., aged 69.

May 21, the Ven. William LEAHY, Archdeacon of Killala, and Rector of Moylough.

May 24 at Milltown House, Dungannon, Robert McCLELLAND, Esq., aged 48.

May 25 in Cheltenham, Ralph GORE, Esq., Lieut. R.N., son of the late W. GORE, Esq., Chairman of the Stamp Office, Dublin.

May 28 at his seat, Agamartha Castle, county Cork, after a lingering illness, Darby O'GRADY, Esq., brother of the first Lord Viscount GIULLAMORE.

May 28, at an advanced age in London, Sarah, Dowager Lady DILLON MASSAY, relict of Sir Hugh DILLON MASSAY, of Doonas House, county Clare.

March 27 at Calcutta, Arthur FFORDE, Esq., fourth son of the late James FFORDE, Esq., Raughlan, county Armagh.

May 25 in Dundalk, Mr. Michael CARAHER, an old and esteemed inhabitant.

May 23 at Portarlington, Mrs. Susan HAMILTON, of Bertie Terrace, Leamington, relict of Rev. Hans HAMILTON, formerly Rector of Knocktopher, in the diocese of Ossoty, and daughter of the lat Right Hon. Silver OLIVER, of Castle Oliver, in Limerick.

July 11th edition
June 11 at 3 Camden Place, Dublin, much regretted, Mary, relict of James GORMLEY, formerly of Henry Street.

June 17 at 3 Camden Place, at an advanced age, Mary, relict of John HOEY, Esq.

June 9 at 84 Queen Street, after a short illness, Elizabeth, wife of George CHECKETTS, Esq.

June 15 at 13 Upper Gardiner Street, Dublin, Patrick J. KILLEN, Esq., aged 82.

June 13, of inflammation of the lungs, Edward FRANSER, Esq., aged 55 years.

June 17 at his residence, Blackrock, county Dublin, aged 30 years, Mr. Daniel SULLIVAN, after a long illness.

June 15, Mrs. M.A. LAMBERT, the beloved wife of Mr. John LAMBERT, City Quay, Dublin.

June 10 at Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock, John CULLIN, Esq., aged 80 years.

June 11 at Carysfort Avenue, Blackrock, Mary, relict of Major T.N. EDGEWORTH, of Kilshrewley, county Longford.

June 4 at his residence, Edenderry, King's County, Mr. George CANAVAN, aged 80 years.

June 14 at Kilbeggan, of scarletina, Richard Joseph, the beloved son of John LOCKE, Esq., aged four years and eight months.

June 12 at Vergemount, Clonskea, Adelaide, youngest daughter of M. CREGAN, Esq., P.R.H.A.

June 9 of bronchitis, whilst on a visit to her children in Dublin, Mrs. Anna FARRELLY, the beloved wife of Michael FARRELLY, Esq., of Mullagh, county Cavan.

February 10 at Yass, Australia, of fever, in his 28th year, William, the only son of Wm. RICHARDSON, late of Spring Park, in county Dublin.

June 12 in London, the Hon. Mrs. DAWSON DAMER, relict of Hon. H.D. DAMER, and mother of the Earl of Portarlington, aged 72.

June 3 at Gold Mines, county Wicklow, Julia, fifth daughter of Anthony MURPHY, Esq., aged 17 years.

June 11 at Spring Garden Parade, Dublin, John Joseph, fifth son of Mr. John KERRIGAN, aged five years.

June 8 at his residence, 5 Drumcondra Terrace, after a protracted illness, Mr. John MOLLOY, formerly of Dunleer, county Louth, in the 70th year of his age.

June 14 in London, Andrew T. MONTGOMERY, Esq., late of The Knocks, county Kildare.

June 15 at Gleuvar, Killester, Fanny Allman, eldest daughter of Andrew S. HART, F.T.C.D., aged 14.

June 14 at Prospect, the Rev. Timothy CONNOLLY, C.C., of Rathdrum, where for the last seven years he ministered to the spiritual wants of the inmates of the workhouse of that town. His mild and unassuming manners, as well as his fervid and glowing zeal in the discharge of his sacred duties won for him the approbation of all, but particularly those in the workhouse, whose audible wailing when his death was announced showed that they recognized in him the double character of a father and friend. May his soul rest in peace. Amen.

Suddenly, at her residence, Tullygrawley, the widow of the late James PAUL.

On Charlotte's Quay, Limerick, the widow of the late Patrick GOULDING, Esq., T.C.

At the residence of her brother, Mr. Wm. LATCHFORD, Mrs. Wm. SHINE, of Lisamote Castle, Ballingarry.

At her father's residence, Corbally, Catherine, the beloved daughter of Thomas McNAMARA, Esq., of Limerick.

In Killarney, the wife of Capt. FALVEY, 75th.

In Nenagh, Henry, youngest son of Mr. Henry HARDEN.

At Ardnageena, near Bantry, at the house of her uncle, Florence McCARTHY, Esq., J.P., Ellen O'SULLIVAN, commonly called Ellen of Inch.

At the Monastery of the Christian Brothers, in Cork, Brother J.J. O'CONNOR, aged 81 years, nearly 50 of which he spent in educating the children of the poor.

At Lismore, Robert U. PENROSE FITZGERALD, Esq., of Corkbegg, county Cork.

At Georgestown, county Waterford, James BARRON, Esq., J.P., aged 86, senior magistrate of the county.

In Tramore, Mr. Edmond POWER, late of Waterford.

In Skibbereen, Ellen, daughter of Eugene LEONARD.

In Dublin, at the advanced age of 85, Mrs. BLOOD.

In Midleton, Margaret, relict of the late James NAGLE, Esq.

In Lismore, Maria, relict of Major Stephen ORMABY.

Edward RICHARDS, Esq., of Harbor View, Courtown Harbor, county Wexford.

At passage, Dorcas, seventh daughter of Thomas PARSONS BOLAND.

At Fermoy, Color Sargeant J. PIERCE, 48th regiment, a native of Galway.

July 18th edition
June 19 at 30 Upper Camden Street, Mr. Benjamin HEPENSTAL.

June 20, Constantine EGAN, Esq., of Dublin, merchant, aged 73 years.

June 17 at Violet Cottage, Harold's Cross, Dublin, aged 9 years, Frederick, beloved son of Mr. John TORKINGTON, auctioneer, 37 Mary Street.

June 21 of malignant scarletina, John, the youngest and dearly loved son of Richard WALSH, aged three years and seven months.

June 18 in Limerick, aged 42 years, Mr. Michael UPTON, of Pleasant Street, Dublin.

In Brussells, after a lingering and painful illness, Henrietta, third daughter of Captain Thomas BARNEWALL, of Dublin, and late of the Longford Militia.

June 22 at 12 Pembroke Place, Dublin, in her 84th year, Elizabeth, relict of Rev. Thomas KELLY, of Kellyville, Queen's County.

June 22 at Castlewood Avenue, Dublin, Harriet Louisa, only daughter of G. WRIGHT, Esq., aged 9 1/2 years.

June 21 at Dalkey, Theodora Eleanor, wife of T.G.W. SANDFORD, Esq., of Castlerea, county Roscommon.

June 22 at 39 Eccles Street, Dublin, Ellen Susanna, daughter of the late Rev. John ARMSTRONG, Vicar of Kiltoom and Camma, in county Roscommon.

May 10 at Portarlington, Mr. BOYD: and on the 12th June, aged 24, shortly after giving birth to a son, Mrs. Nanny BOYD, wife of the above, and daughter of the late Mr. KENNEDY LE BAS, of Dublin.

June 16 at Kentstown, county Galway, Maria, wife of Thomas DAVIES, Esq., much regretted.

At his residence, Bailyduagh House, Cashel, after a protracted illness, Michael HEFFERNAN, Esq.

June 17 at Kingstown, aged 78, Elizabeth, relict of Wm. P. CUTHBERT, Esq., of Dublin.

June 15 at the residence of her son-in-law, Thomas Wm. GRAY, Esq., solicitor, Exeter, Jemima Jane, widow of Donatus O'BRIEN, Esq., county Clare, late of Sidmouth, aged 54.

June 20 at Roscrea, Mr. Patrick KIRWAN, aged 73 years.

June 23 at Sandymount, Walter, infant son of Edward WALSHE, Esq., solicitor, aged one year and eight months.

At 35 Thomas Street, Limerick, after a protracted illness, Louisa CREAGH, the beloved child of Jasper CREAGH, late Captain 86th and 95th Regiments.

Richard MURRAY GUNN, of Newcastle, aged 75.

At Glanleam, Valencia, the residence of her son-in-law, the Knight of Kerry, aged 73 years, Mary, relict of the late Peter HUSSEY, Esq., of Faranakilla House, Dingle.

In Galway, Mrs. KILLEEN, wife of Edward KILLEEN, Esq., of Galway.

P.T. KIELY, son of the late John KIELY, Dungarvan, county Waterford.

At the Convent of Mercy, Charleville, Sister Mary Vincent BALL.

In Kilkenny, Sarah, relict of the late Bibby HARTFORD, Esq., of Shortall's Graigue, county Kilkenny.

At Crecrin, county Carlow, Mr. Michael E. O'BRIEN, Divinity Student of Carlow College.

At Ballyroan, Queen's County, aged 80 years, Mr. Mathew McWEE.

In Dublin, Anne, relict of the late James McDONOGH, Esq., M.D., of Banelagh, formerly Surgeon of the King's County Militia.

In Kingstown, Elizabeth, relict of the late Wm. PIERCE CUTHBERT, Esq., of Dublin.

At Kingstown, Thomas S. BLACKER, Esq., of Castle Martin, county Kildare.

Major BAILIE, South Down Militia.

At Prospect, the Rev. Timothy CONNOLLY, C.C., Rathdrum.

Elizabeth Mary Jane, child of the late John SMITH ABBOTT, Esq., solicitor.

At Glenvar, Killester, Fanny ALLMAN, daughter of Andrew S. HART, F.T.C.D.

Mr. John LIPSETT, of Cashel, near Ballyshannon.

In Sligo, Iamena, relict of the late Mr. George WHITTAKER, of Sligo.

James BENNETT, Esq., of Armagh.

July 25th edition
June 28 at his residence, 4 Charlemont Street, Dublin, Mr. William SMYTH, in the 88th year of his age.

June 28 at her residence, Vernon avenue, Clontarf, Mrs. Eliza CLARKE, relict of Nicholas CLARKE, of 58 Great Britain Street, Dublin.

June 20 at the residence of her son-in-law, T.J. FITZGERALD, Esq., Mary, relict of Henry WHITE, of Golden Hills, in county Tipperary.

June 28 at his residence, 9 Belgrave Road, Rathmines, after a lingering illness, Mr. John LAWLOR, of Dublin, commercial travellor, for many years representative of the firm of A & J Bagott and Co.

June 28 in Dublin, Mrs. Eliza KINLAN, relict of Mr. Thomas KINLAN, Granard, county Longford.

At Church Avenue, Rathmines, Margaret, widow of Arthur James JONES, late of 135 Stephen's Green, Dublin.

June 24 at 15 Lower Leeson Street, Dublin, Eliza Anne, youngest daughter of the late G. WILLIAMS, Esq., barrister-at-law.

June 30, Susan FYAN, of Summerfield Cottage, Dalkey Avenue, Dublin.

June 29 at Clifton Cottage, Adelaide, the beloved wife of V. DILLON, Esq.

June 29 at 14 Mary Street, Dublin, the residence of her nephew, Sophia, relict of R.N. CATHCART, Esq., after a long and painful illness.

June 28 at Mountjoy Square North, Dublin, after a severe illness, Alicia SWENY, eldest daughter of the late John SWENY, Esq., barrister-at-law.

June 28 at 1 Fitzwilliam Square South, Dublin, Maria, youngest daughter of the late Bernard MULLINS, Esq., J.P.

June 29 at 2 Drumcondra Terrace, Dublin, Geo. WHITEHEAD, Esq., aged 68.

June 30 in Peter Street, Drogheda, Mr. James McCARTNEY, chief constable under the Drogheda Corporation for some 30 years.

May 28 at Cloneygown, King's County, in the 69th year of his age, Mr. Robert HAMILL, who for more than twenty years, discharged the duties of schoolmaster in the parochial schools of St. Audeon, Dublin.

June 28 at Grange, Eliza, daughter of the late G. MATHEWS, Esq., of Dublin.

August 2nd edition
July 5 at the residence of his mother, No. 3 Portobello Harbor, Dublin, after a tedious illness of four years, which ended in rapid consumption, Mr. Robert PATTERSON, aged 22 years.

July 6 at the residence of his grandmother, Roundwood, John SPELMAN, Jr., third son of Mr. John SPELMAN, of Patrick Street, Dublin.

July 6 at Irishtown, Sandymount, Emily Francis, only child of Mr. R. CARUAGIE, South Patrick's Close, Dublin, aged seven months.

July 4 in Lower Leeson Street, Dublin, Catherine, eldest daughter of the late Richard TROTTER, of Rock Island, county Cork.

July 5 at 3 Grenville Street, Mountjoy Square, Dublin, Mrs. Abigail NIXON (widow of the late Captain Geo. NIXON), aged 82.

July 8 at 55 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dublin, aged 62 years, Mr. Patrick McEVOY, of Redmond's Hill.

July 8, Mrs. Margaret McDONNELL, mother of the Rev. Joseph McDONNELL, of Clondalkin, in the 58th year of her age.

July 8 at Fox and Geese, county Dublin, the residence of her father, after a long and protracted illness, Susan, second eldest daughter of Mr. Michael FLOOD, aged 15 years.

July 8, Lucy, the beloved wife of Mr. Jas. MAYFIELD, Essex Quay, Dublin.

July 4 at his residence, Mullingar, Mr. Henry GILMOR, merchant, aged 54 years.

June 26 at Blennerville, county Kerry, Joseph SMITH, Esq., late of the 48th Reg., aged 33.

July 1 at Brighton, aged 78, Sarah, relict of T.C. BUNBURY, Esq., late of Bunbury Lodge, county Carlow.

At Cloneygown, King's County, aged 67, Mr. Robert HAMILL.

Suddenly, at Cheltenham, Louisa, daughter of the late Thomas MORONY, Esq., of Miltown House, county Clare.

In Robert Street, Limerick, Miss Grace SAMPSON, daughter of the late Thomas SAMPSON, Esq., Kilno, county Clare.

At Gort, Mr. M. GORMAN, banker.

In Gort, Mr. Patrick O'DONOHUE.

At Passage, near Cork, Mary MORRISON LLOYD, second daughter of Richard LLOYD, Esq.

In Cork, Sarah, relict of the late John COTTER, Esq.

Francis, eldest son of the late Adam MURPHY, Esq., of Kilkenny, aged 18.

In Cork, the widow SEWARD.

At Vale Cove, near Glengariffe, Timothy O'DONOVAN, Esq.

Minnie, aged 16, daughter of Thomas GARDINER, Esq., of Buttevant.

At Whitehall, county Longford, Henry Bevant WILSON SISTOR, Esq., aged 72.

At Coolbane, County Clare, Mary, wife of Mr. James COFFEY, niece of the late Rev. Jeremiah TUOHY, P.P., of Killuran, and sister of Dr. TUOHY, Limerick.

At Hospital, Mrs. P.R. O'MEAGHER.

At Bellevue Place, Clonmel, Mrs. Ellen SARGENT, the beloved wife of the Rev. Abram SARGENT.

At Birr, Emily, wife of J.J. BAKER, Esq.

James, son of the late David WREN, Esq., of Dronmeveane House, county Cork.

At Skibbereen, Catherine, relict of the late Timothy O'DRISCOLL, Esq., of Old Court, county Cork.

At Newcastle, Blarney, Jennie and Lizzie, both daughters of David BARELAY, the one 6 1/2 years and the other 5 years old of scarlet fever.

Elizabeth DONNER, of Tralee.

The Rev. T. O'CALLAGHAN, R.C.C., Lingold.

August 8th edition
At Rosebank, Moville, John IRVINE, Esq, surgeon, R.N., aged 72 years.

July 13, aged two years and three months, Francis A., the beloved child of John KAVANAGH, Esq.

July 16 at Booterstown Avenue, Dublin, in the 46th year of her age, after a long and painful illness, Bridget, the wife of Mathew MAGRATH, 15 Townsend Street.

June 28 at her residence, 11 West Street, Low Hill, Liverpool, after a few days' illness, aged 46 years, Mrs. Catherine HENLEY, formerly of the city of Dublin.

July 14 at Limerick, Bernard McNULTY, Esq., aged 66 years - an old and respected citizen.

July 9 at her residence, Mount Collyer Park, Jane, relict of Alexander MACKAY, Jun., Esq., proprietor of the Belfast News-Letter.

July 9 at Cork, Mary, eldest daughter of the late Richard COPINGER, Esq.

July 11 at Upper William Street, Limerick, Captain John SANDWITH, commander of the steamship European.

July 11 at Rathfarnaham, after a lingering illness, Harriet Mary, the beloved daughter of Joseph WHITE, Esq., 7 Upper Buckingham Street, Dublin.

July 10 in Wickham Street, Limerick, at an advanced age, Mr. Michael McDONNELL, for many years in the employment of the Messrs. RUSSELL.

In Mary Street, Waterford, Sarah, the beloved wife of Thomas WHITE JACOB, Esq.

July 7, Mrs. James RYAN, of Cloghonan, Templederry.

July 8 in Borrisokane, Marian Frances, wife of Mr. John REDDAIR, of that town, and daughter of Mr. Edward GUERIN, Nenagh, at the early age of 21 years.

July 10 in Clonmel, after a few days illness, Mr. Michael DEAN, Deputy Clerk of county Tipperary.

At the house of his daughter, Mr. James SPARLING, for many years clerk of the parish church of Kilkeedy, co. Limerick.

At Gurthaville, Limerick, Mrs. Frances RYAN.

In Limerick, Catherine, wife of Mr. James SUCKLEY.

At Monard, James J. EVANS, Esq.

At Newtown Park, Charles DOYNE, Esq.

In Dublin, General George BEATLY, Royal Marines, aged 73.

In Clontarf, Elizabeth GALE, wife of the late Peter GALE, Esq., of Pigeon Park, Queen's County.

At Rathmines, Mr. Patrick McEVOY.

In Dublin, Mr. Thomas CAMERON.

August 15th edition
In Dublin, Catherine, only surviving child of the late Mr. Joseph WILSON, solicitor.

Lucy, wife of Mr. James MAYFIELD, of Dublin.

Thomas CAMPION, infant son of Thomas RING, Esq., of Dublin.

July 19 at Paris, William HODGENS, Esq., of Newtown House, Blackrock, county Dublin.

July 13, Catherine Maria, eldest daughter of the late Hon. Robert JOHNSON, formerly one of the judges of the Court of Common Pleas.

July 15 in Dublin, the Rev. Wm. A. DAWSON, youngest son of the late Henry DAWSON, Esq., of Drummartin Castle, Dundrum, county Dublin.

July 18 at 4 Victoria Terrace, North Circular Road, Dublin, Samuel THOMPSON, Esq.

July 30 at Grangegorman, aged 18 years, Thomas Joseph, eldest son of Thomas L. SYNNOT, Esq.

July 12 at Donabate, in the 18th year of her age, Annie, second daughter of the late Mr. John BEATTIE, Lannistown.

July 16 at Gurranskeagh, Kilmallock, Catherine, daughter of John O'DONNELL, Esq.

July 18 at Farn?ns, Queen's County, Mrs. Mary FLEMING, aged 98 years, mother of the late Rev. Michael FLEMING, of Kingstown parish, and of the Rev. P. FLEMING, Bray.

July 17 at the Knoll, county Meath, at an advanced age, Miss Ann MAGUIRE.

July 21 at Ranood, county Meath, Colonel Alexander CRUISE, J.P.

July 19 in Wicklow, Eston C. HALPIN, Esq., solicitor, brother of the late Major EAGER, of the 31st Regiment.

July 14 at Bayswater, near London, aged 83 years, Mary LAWLESS, only surviving daughter of John LAWLESS, Esq., formerly of Shankhill Castle, county Dublin.

At Galcombe House, Isle of Wight, Lieut.-Colonel Francis Dermott DALY, late of the 4th Light Dragoons.

August 22nd edition
July 30 at 34 Upper Liffey Street, Dublin, after a protracted and painful illness, Mr. Robert BLAKE, aged 68 years.

July 12 at her residence, 4 Lower Buckingham St., after a few days' illness, Anne MACARTNEY, aged 45 years, R.I.P.

July 24 at the house of his sister, Mrs. STEALE, 22 Dawson Street, Dublin, aged 59 years, Mr. Charles KATHRINES.

July 24, Mr. John BRIERLY, of Kingscourt House, Clontarf, in the 68th year of his age.

June 29 at 59 Leinster Road, Rathmines, Dr. G.T. HAYDEN, after a protracted illness.

July 25 at Kingstown, William GREENE, Esq., eldest son of the late John GREENE, Esq., of Kilrisk, county Dublin.

July 27 at Richmond, Monkstown, Mrs. PIM, aged 76 years.

July 19 at Bunahow, county Clare, Mrs. BUTLER, wife of William BUTLER, Esq.

July 24 at Kilglass Glebe, Catherine Sarah, eldest daughter of the late Rev. John ARMSTRONG, Vicar of Kiltoom and Camma, county Roscommon.

July 22 at Dromalour, Kanturk, county Cork, Jane, wife of Robert BOLSTER, Esq.

In Londonderry, Croker MILLER, Esq, formerly Capt. in the 17th Regiment.

July 27 at the residence of her son, Farnham Street, Cavan, Mary, widow of Wm. John HANCOCK, Esq, Assistant Poor Law Commissioner, aged 61 years.

At Ballinakill, after a short illness, aged 72 years,, Mrs. DUNNE, mother of the Very Rev. Dr. DUNNE, President of Carlow College.

July 17 at Newcastle-Under-Lyne, Wm. C. McKENNA, Esq., son of Wm. McKENNA, V.S., of Newry.

July 20 at Islington, Samuel Cole SAFFORD, of Drumate, county Monaghan.

April 18 at Vellore, of cholera, Captain Henry HUGHES, 18th Madras Native Infantry, son of the late James HUGHES, Esq., of Upper Rutland St., Dublin.

December 16, 1856, at 17 Spitalfield, George, second son of Mr. Michael LOWE, in the 30th year of his age. He has relatives in San Francisco.

June 30 in Kells, county Meath, Mr. James GAUGHRAN, for several years a resident of New York.

September 5th edition
August 4 at her residence, 34 Camden Street, Dublin, Rose, the beloved wife of Mr. Christopher BRADY, aged 41 years.

August 10 at his residence, Kilmainham, after a long and painful illness, Patrick DOWLING, in the 45th year of his age.

August 12 at Clontarf, Johanna, wife of Mr. Charles SHINE.

August 9 at Forest Lodge, county Dublin, Elizabeth, relict of Peter BRENNAN, Esq.

July 31 at Ballywilliamroe, county Carlow, Captain EVANS, late of the 83rd Regiment.

August 1 at his residence, Collinstown, county Kildare, Mr. William LEAVY.

August 4 at Knockalton, near Nenagh, Anne, third daughter of the late Adam WALKER, Esq.

August 6 at Carrick-on-Suir, Anne Elizabeth, wife of Quartermaster BLAKE, of the 12th Royal Lancers.

August 7 at Cappamore, county Limerick, Mary, relict of T. MOORE, Esq.

August 7 at Greenmount, Craigavad, county Down, Robert GUNNING, Esq.

August 8 at Fort Faulkner, in county Wicklow, Arthur FAULKNER, Esq.

August 9 at Carbury vicarage, county Kildare, aged 86 years, Elizabeth, widow of John F. HEWSON, Esq., of Ennismore, county Kerry.

At the Convent of Mercy, Ballinasloe, Sister Mary Frances FARLEY.

In Enniseerthy, aged 80 years, Miss Sarah MARTIN, an old and respected member of the Society of Friends.

August 10 at Dundanion Castle, Cork, aged 61 years, Charles BURTON NEWENHAM, Esq.

August 11 at Ballyphilip, county Tipperary, aged 70 years, Ambrose GOING, Esq.

August 10 at Boraston rectory, Louisa Charlotte Georgiana, eldest daughter of the late Eyre EVANS, Jr., Esq., of Ash-Hill Towers, county Limerick.

August 3 at Colchester, Emily Jane, wife of the Rev. John HALLWARD, rector of Sweepstone, Leicestershire, and daughter of the late Charles POWELL LESLIE, Esq., M.P., Glasslough, county Monaghan.

August 5 at Chiswick, O'Bryan WOOLSEY, Esq., late of the Admiralty, London, second son of the late T. WOOLSEY, Esq., of Castle Bellingham, county Louth.

August 6 at Durdham Park, near Bristol, the Rev. George ARMSTRONG, formerly incumbent of Bangor, county Down.

August 10 at his residence, Dunloe Street, Ballinasloe, in the 87th year of his age, after a tedious and protracted illness, Timothy CAULFIED, Esq., uncle to the venerable Bishop of Clontarf, the Right Rev. Dr. DERRY.

September 12th edition
August 11 in Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, Eliza, relict of Pierce CARRICK, Esq., of Larch Hill, county Clare.

August 13 at his residence, 12 Bull Alley, Dublin, James KENNEDY, aged 62 years.

August 14 at his chambers, Trinity College, Dublin, Michael HAVES, Esq., A.M., T.C.D., aged 68 years.

August 16 at City Quay, Dublin, Mr. John RYAN, aged 71 years.

August 14 at the Convent of the Sisters of Mercy, Baggot Street, Dublin, Maryanne CASSIDY, in religion, Sister Mary Cecilia.

August 15 at the Charlemont Mall, Dublin, aged 79 years, Deborah, wife of the late James Martin PIKE.

August 16 at her residence, Wellington Quay, Dublin, in the 61st year of her age, Elizabeth, relict of Mr. George LANGDALE.

August 18 at East Road, North Lots, Dublin, in the 19th year of his age, after a protracted illness, George, the beloved child of Mr. Thomas McDERMOTT.

August 17 at Roper's Rest, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. Wm. RYAN, late of the Bankrupt Court.

August 19 in Dublin, in the 56th year of his his age, Geo. Percy MAGAN, Esq., of Clonearl, King's County.

August 17 at Kingstown, Mary Isabella, eldest daughter of the Rev. James ELLIOT, of Crumlin Glebe.

August 18 at Kingstown, Samuel Charles STANLEY, Esq., of Fortescue Terrace, Rathmines.

August 7, Sir John Augustus Hugh BOYD, Royal Navy, of Drumawilan Ballycastle, county Antrim.

At Goresbridge, aged 90 years, Lieutenant N. BISHOP, of the Carlow Militia, brother of the late Major BISHOP, of the 40th regiment.

August 11 in Cork, Mary Anne, eldest daughter of John FITZGERALD, Esq., barrister-at-law.

August 12 at Roseanna, near Athlone, Lieut. Geo. P. MURRAY, of the Royal Navy, youngest son of the late Major-General J.P. MURRAY.

August 12, Anne, wife of Patrick FRASER, Esq., of Carbery, county Kildare.

September 19th edition
August 15, Sally, wife of Thomas McCULLAGH, Esq., of Derrysalley, county Monaghan.

August 17 at Kilcormack Glebe, county Wexford, Edith, fourth daughter of the Rev. George JONES.

August 17, Margaret, sixth daughter of George SHACKLETON, of Griesemount, Ballitore.

August 9 at Weston-Super-Mare, Somersetshire, Miss Elizabeth COLTHURST, formerly of Danesfort, Killarney.

August 13 in London, Henrietta Christiana, fourth daughter of Robert MAUNSELL, Esq., of Lakelands, co. Dublin.

August 14 in the 59th year of his age, Michael KILLEEN, of Dublin, and formerly of Galway.

At No. 2 Florinda Place, Dublin, after a short illness, Mr. Laurence HOGAN.

August 21 at her residence, 35 South Frederick St., Dublin, Catherine, the beloved wife of Mr. Robert BURNELL.

August 21 at 13 Cook Street, Dublin, Dorothea, the beloved wife of Thomas SEERY, Esq., aged 60 years.

August 22 at Blackhall Street, Dublin, having seven days previously given birth to a son, Annie, the beloved wife of Meyrick SHAW RAINSFORD, Esq., of the Inland Revenue.

August 22 in Dublin, James Charles, youngest son of the late D. CLARKE, Esq., of Flood Street, Galway, and Larch Hill, county Galway.

August 23 at Bray, Eleanor Elizabeth, relict of the Rev. Edward GROVES, of Dublin.

August 23 at Newbrook, Rathfarnham, aged 80 years, John TAYLOR, Esq. August 19 at Brierfield, county Roscommon, of disease of the heart, the Rev. Louis HAWKES, rector of Portumna.

August 21 at Lisdoonvara, John BUNTON, Esq., solicitor, of Ennis.

August 23 at Halverstown, county Kildare, of decline, John Shortall Percy, second son of the late Peter PURCELL, Esq., aged 21 years.

August 13 in Waterford, Hugh A. CHAMBERS, Esq., late of Strangford, county Down.

August 15 at Brickfield, county Derry, Miss Eliza BOYD, sister to Gen. BOYD, of Cheltenham.

August 17 at Kilkee, county Clare, the Rev. Irwin TURNER, curate of Cappamore.

August 21 at Six-Mile-Bridge, county Clare, after partaking of dinner, the wife of Dr. GOING. The deceased lady had been only three weeks married.

August 24 at Gowran, county Kilkenny, Dorothea Catherine, wife of the Rev. Alexander STAPLES, rector of Gowran.

August 26 at Edenderry, of consumption, Mary KEON, aged 30 years.

June 19 near Mahobad, shot through the heart by a Daeoit, Lieutenant Somerset Edward Deane TOWNSHEND, of the Bengal Artillery, third son of the late Bishop of Meath.

August 21 at Fern-Hill, Blackwater, Colonel H. MITCHELL, late of the Grenadier Guards.

Killed in action, at Delhi, Lieutenant Mervyn HUMPHRYS, youngest son of William HUMPHRYS, Esq., of Ballyhaise House, county Cavan.

June 9 at Sultanpore, Oude, Captain Arthur GIBBINGS, of the 15th Irregular Cavalry, son of the Rev. Thomas GIBBINGS, Treasurer of the diocese of Cloyne.

June 19 of cholera, in the fort at Allahabad, Anne Jane, wife of Edward PURSER, Esq., Engineer of the Great East India Railway, and eldest daughter of Robert MALLET, Esq., of Delville, county Dublin.

April 18 at Auckland, Emily, wife of Edward W. STAFFORD, Esq., of Mayne, county Louth, Colonial Secretary of New Zealand.

July 22 at Demerara, British Guiana, George TIGHE, Esq., a native of Ballyshannon, county Donegal.

July 31 at New Brunswick, aged 90 years, Mrs. Elisabeth O'BRIEN, a native of Wexford.

April 14 at Heathoote, Victoria, John Franics NICOLLS, Esq., only son of the late Gustavus NICOLLS, Esq., M.D., of Longford.

August 22 at his residence, Upper Mallow Street, Limerick, after a brief illness, aged 89 years, John MULLOCK, Esq., Ship Broker and Commission Agent.

March 31 at Melbourne, Australia, of dysentery, Mary, the beloved wife of George READ, late of Kingstown, aged 37.

At his residence, Cully, near Newport, Tipperary, Mr. Denis RYAN, Poor-rate and Income-tax collector.

September 26th edition
At Beech Lodge, Cloughjordan, Eliza, relict of Devacques SMYTH, Esq., of Oakwood, King's County, and daughter of the late Richard DICKSON, Esq., Limerick.

Suddenly, in Patrick Street, Cork, M. Gustave BONVALLET.

In Buncrana, Dr. Hugh O'DONNELL.

At Holywood, County Down, Maria, relict of Alexander MACAULEY, Esq., of Cusbendall.

In Dublin, Rebecca, relict of the late Captain HILLIS, of Seaview, County Sligo.

William, son of Mr. John GRIOTT, of Cratioe.

In Dublin, James BARLOW, Esq.

At Deepwell, Blackrock, Dublin, Richard Samuel GUINNESS, Esq.

The wife of Mr. Richard FREE, court house, Waterford.

The wife of Mr. Henry JONES, Clonmel.

At Paris, Wm. GLOVER, Esq., of the Inner Temple, son of Dr. GLOVER, of Phillipstown.

On the 25th ult., at Kilkee, Miss WILSON, of Caherconlish House, County Limerick.

At the Rylands, Randwick, August 25th, Mary Jane, second daughter of the late Rev. E. POWER, of Athenstone, and sister to Mrs. EVANS, of Newmarket, aged 29.

Susan, wife of Henry GOOD, Esq., of Old Fort, in County Cork.

At Kenmare, Arthur, son of Arthur BLAND, Esq.

At Gowran Rectory, Belfast, the wife of Rev. Alexander STAPLES, aged 66.

At Wilmount, County Tipperary, John BLACKMORE, Esq.

In Waterford, Mr. HICKEY, Professor of Music.

At Melbourne, Victoria, James STIMPSON, Esq.